The only way to craft pieces of great quality, as it has been done for hundreds of years. With the technique and typical skills deeply rooted in Ubrique which are of incalculable value.

Nothing has changed, individual templates for each article are fundamental. It’s the only way to start building a product with the guarantee of a perfect finish.


The firm hand, 'el chavetin' well sharpened and with the acquired skills piece by piece, there is no more...


Depending on the product to build and the leather to use, it’s stitched by hand or with machine but always with first quality thread and using the required technique for a long life warranty.


When painted edges are required it is always done by hand. With firm pulse and the care to finish a craftsmanship of high level. The paint used in these cases has a proven first class quality.

Final Care and Quality Control

Each product is tested and inspected before it is sent anywhere in the world for the enjoyment of its owner and the envy of those who can see it but still do not have it!